You have to be different, to make a difference!

I really don’t know of any case history that describes an organisation being managed out of a crisis. Every single one of them was led. Yet a good number of our educational institutions and training programs today are focused not on developing great leaders but on training effective managers. Often short-term gains are viewed as the mark of success, long-term organisational growth is put on the back burner.

Modern western literature about success mainly (approximately >75%) focusses on quick wins and temporary solutions for acute problems. It really doesn’t offer andy long-term solutions for chronic matters that consequently keep reoccurring (Covey, 7 Habits). In contrast, older western literature focussed on key personal competences (or leadership skills) as a basis for success.

Good management is clearly not enough to sustain any organisation over the long term. Many Leadership Teams nowadays fail to create an environment where people do matter. Organizations where people share values and are valued succeed over the long term, in good and bad times. Customers will never love a company if employees don’t love their company first (Sinek, Leaders Eat Last).

‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader’ (John Quincy Adams) When leaders inspire those they lead, people dream of a better future, invest time and effort in learning more, and do more for their organisations. Professional competence is not enough to be a good leader, good leaders must truly care about their employees.

No shortcuts in life..

There are no shortcuts. Real personal growth and leadership skills are achieved over time, in different organisations, through education and courses, and hopefully by wonderful inspiration and challenging interaction with others. Read more on our website about the Influencers and Thought Leaders of Inspirational Leadership, Team Performance and Talent Development.